Product Spotlight: North Complete Scooter Range

Product Spotlight: North Complete Scooter Range

Product Spotlight: North Complete Scooter Range

With the spring season approaching,  many of our east coast, and Canadian community are coming out of hibernation. We thought it’d be a great time to take a look at the North complete range of scooters, highlight each models specific strengths and key components to make the choice easy for those grabbing a new complete for this year!

We currently offer three different models of completes and each of which is a great option for a sick year of riding and progression! Let’s take a look at the range, and breakdown where each of these completes differ from the next:

The 'Hatchet' Complete

Starting things off, our smallest complete is the ‘Hatchet': A tried and true all rounder, that has been a staple of the North complete range since the beginning!

This complete has used the same classic design for years, but with trends in scootering changing we felt it was time for some upgrades. For Holiday 2021, the hatchet complete will feature a 4.7“ x 19.5” boxed deck, completed with both North branded deck end plugs and blunt plate. Along with the new deck, the hatchet will also feature a new 23’ x 21.5’ ‘Y’ bar for some added strength and style , 110mm signal wheels and our new essential grips

If the great new components weren’t enough, the hatchet is finished off with our best colorways yet, as well as full colour graphics

*The New Spring 2022 Hatchet features an aluminium fork, versus the Steel fork equipped on the old Hatchet completes. 

 Take a look at the complete Hatchet range here.

The 'Switchblade' Complete

The North Switchblade has a ton of features at a great price, making it perfect for any rider who’s been saving all their money for a new complete and needs something that will last.  

This season we decided it was time to make some upgrades to the Switchblade. Now coming with an all-new 5.0” x 20.5” boxed end deck, the Switchblade is even more versatile than before. Both strong and lightweight, as well as a perfect size, this scooter is great for any mix of street and park riding. Along with the 5.0 deck we also upgraded the fork to a sturdier Amber 24mm fork. Topped off with 120mm hollow core wheels, SCS compression, 6mm bolts, and boxed ends with deck inserts, the Switchblade has a lot to offer to its customer. 

Exciting colorways and our eye-catching graphics, along with high quality components, allow the Switchblade to speak for itself as far as strength and quality. Making it a serious contender against any scooter on the market, at any price point.

 Take a look at the complete Switchblade range here.

The 'Tomahawk' Complete


The Tomahawk features our all new extruded headtube and comes in at a deck size of 5.5” wide x 21.5“ long, the deck on the tomahawk offers all the added benefits of an aftermarket deck at a reasonable price point. Paired with some good-sized T bars, SCS compression and even 30mm wheels, the tomahawk really is the perfect complete for any rider looking to get into street riding or someone who’s a little bigger and needs a scooter that is comfortable.  

The awesome components along with the killer paint finishes and unique graphics all tie the tomahawk together nicely, paired with such a versatile design we are confident the tomahawk is everything one could want out of a complete scooter.

Take a look at the complete Tomahawk range here.

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