North Scooters: 'Cartridge' by Jonas Johnson

North Scooters: 'Cartridge' by Jonas Johnson

North Scooters: 'Cartridge' by Jonas Johnson

'Cartridge' by Jonas Johnson

Written by: Ethan Kirk

With the recent release of the newest ‘Cartridge’ video playing on the North Youtube channel, we caught up with Jonas Johnson to ask him a few questions about the trip, the video and his process behind the creation of ‘Cartridge’.


Ethan: What’s up Jonas, hope all is well with you. I wanted to catch up and ask a few questions about the newest release on the North channel. First things first, How’d this trip come to be? 

Jonas: Sorry buster had to gear up for a little roady but I’m free now. To answer your question- I’ve been going to the chi jam for 8 years now, and I certainly wasn’t going to miss this year’s. Jon asked the group chat who was going, and proceeded to get an Airbnb for all of us- that being Lew, Riley, Jordan and Derek.

Ethan: Right on, as far as I know, you guys headed there a little bit early too, no?

Jonas: Yeah I think Lew and Riley flew there on Monday, I rolled up later in the day if I remember right. Derek and Jordan got there on Tuesday. The jam was Saturday so we had plenty of time to scoot and catch up with friends.

Ethan: Always makes the trip more memorable when you’ve got time to chill and relax before the event.

You guys ended up filming a video while you were out there too. It's up on the north YouTube currently, how’d that come about and how do you feel about the end result?

Jonas: I agree, showing up early is definitely the way to go. Jon asked us to film while we were there, which I’m sure we would have done anyway. We probably got a solid day and a half of filming. We found it’s a little bit difficult filming when there’s so many people to see, and everyone just wants to catch up and chill. As far as the inclusion of 110 film stills- I was given that point and shoot camera by Andrew Ozanich, which was given to him by his mom.

I got the idea for the composition while I was on a hike, after I’d been back home for a couple days and was waiting for my film to be developed. I’m fairly satisfied with the result, I just wish I gave it one more watch before sending it to Bror. There’s always things you catch after your video’s posted like tricks or other things being out of sync with the tempo of the song.

Ethan: There was also some hi-8 footy in the mix too right?

Jonas: Oh yeah how could I forget. Big shout out to David Suh. He filmed all the hi-8 in that video.

Which we weren’t planning on- the whole video was pretty much off the cuff. All that stuff just happened to fall into place. Gotta give Rich a shout out for bringing us to spots too.

Ethan: Big shout out to happy accidents, and courteous tour guides. That’s super cool to hear. I know you were gassed about that beefy rail hop you filmed, other than that, what do you think your favorite clips are from the mix?

Jonas: I’d have to say Lew's front 50, or Riley’s crook.

‘Cartridge’ is available now and playing on the North YouTube channel here, or you can watch it below:

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