"It’s the f**king Catalina wine mixer!!!"
Well not really. It’s the North x Centrano #montagemixer!
We’re stoked to announce our newest contest in partnership with Centrano distribution. 
We’re asking y’all to gather a crew of 3-5 homies and film the best instagram edit you can produce before July 14th. 
It doesn’t matter if you’re in the streets, parks or on your driveway, take the time to  film the most engaging, creative, interesting or absolute banger of a video and you and your crew can win some awesome prizes!
The deadline for submissions is July 14th and the results will be decided by our very own panel of mystery judges by July 17th. 
We’re giving away prizes to not only the first place crew, but second and third place as well! 
The crew who comes out on top will be receiving a cash prize and the runners up will be decked out heavily with the finest of the North product line. 
Submissions can either be 60 seconds long, but IGTV videos of a longer length can be submitted as well. Make sure to hashtag #montagemixer , #northscooters and #centranodistribution in order for your submissions to be counted!


The prize list is as follows:
First Place:
200$ per rider featured in video
Second Place:
New Horizon decks for the whole crew
Third Place:
North Wheels, Grip Tape, Grips and Stickers
Now gather your homies, get out there, and film your videos, Time is of the essence!
- North Scooters

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