Horizon Promo | 2020-06-22

Horizon Promo | 2020-06-22

Horizon Promo | 2020-06-22

Horizon Deck Promo

Listen, we all know the Horizon is a great deck. Just look at it, it's sleek design, the ever so pretty head tube, and the gold dropouts? What's not to love?

Regardless, if you haven't copped one yet, or you're on the fence about it. Take it from some of our Ontario riders putting the horizon to the test, showcasing why the Horizon is their deck of choice in this new promo that just released:


If you're looking to grab one of these for yourself, head over to the products tab or click the links below to find the Horizon decks in the many different colours and variations available!

Horizon Deck

Ryan Ruegg Signature Horizon

Jon Devrind Signature Horizon

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