Groundhog Day Underground Contest

Groundhog Day Underground Contest

Groundhog Day Underground Contest

Here at North, we know the hardest part of being a scooter rider within certain areas is finding any time to ride during our hibernation periods. More often than not, a good parking garage session is where you'll learn the most, and we want to see that progression with all of you!

We're asking you to film either by yourself, or in a max team size of three, the best edit you can create within the realm of a parking garage or hibernation riding location. We want to see you guys getting creative, laying down some crazy tech' lines, and more than anything having a good time, because any time on the whip when you should be in hibernation is time well spent.

The Groundhog Day contest will run from February 2nd to February 14th and the winner will be chosen shortly after the 14th.



The first place team within this contest takes all. We're going to be hooking the winning team up with complete bottom ends, wheels, decks, headsets, the whole kit, so get filming!



- Max team size of three (3) people

- Filmed completely in a parking garage, or hibernation space (whether that be a good awning to cover from the elements or a dry parking lot)

- There's no length restrictions, but make sure to keep the viewer entertained!

- When uploading submissions, make sure to use the hashtag #northgroundhogday and #northscooters and tag @northscooters

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