Ethan Kirk - Welcome to North

Ethan Kirk - Welcome to North

Ethan Kirk - Welcome to North

Although the quarantine is still ongoing and the lockdown measures persist, there’s still scootering media coming out day after day. Featured today is Ethan Kirk’s ‘Welcome to North’ video part. 

Ethan’s been a part of the team for some time now, but he’s finally produced his welcome part. The Video was filmed over the course of roughly 3-4 months and the majority of the spots are from southern Ontario, near Toronto. 

“I filmed this video over the course of a few months and although at first progress was slow I took a few trips near the city with some homies to slowly piece the video together. I ended up buying an HPX on my birthday this year, so sadly you guys will have to endure some DSLR footy, but the majority of it was filmed on my new cam. Overall I’m super stoked on the outcome, as there’s definitely some rails in there that had my heart goin’ on the first few attempts, but I mean, that’s the fun part of pushing yourself for these videos. Anyways enough of me talking about the video, give it a watch if you have the time, It’s up on the North YouTube channel <3” - Ethan

You can find Ethan’s new video on our YouTube channel, and Instagram featured below:

Ethan Kirk | Welcome to North:

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