2021 Year In Video Review

2021 Year In Video Review

2021 Year In Video Review

A lot has changed since the start of 2021.

We’ve welcomed new riders to our family, innovated top of the line products, went through a rebranding, and so much more. Scootering continued to progress and reach new heights, following its upward trend year after year. 

In this blog we’ll be taking a look at all of the videos we dropped this year, and walking you through each upload that you may have missed. 


Just like the beginning of 2020, Jon deVrind kicked off the year with a video part while the rest of the team was still shovelling snow.

Jon’s newest video ‘PSA’ is truly a testament to how much control he has over his scooter. Not just linking the nicest combos in the game, but linking them with as much style as humanly possible.

Not to mention you can never go wrong with the iconic Jon filming Jon duo. Big shoutout to Hammy (Jon Hamrick) for all of the amazing work. You’ve seen so many insta clips since this video dropped that watching it again will feel like it’s brand new.




Derek Marr Signature Deck Promo

We added Derek to the team in 2020, and it was only fitting that we got him a signature deck as quickly as possible. Derek has been tearing up the scene left and right, with no one in his path.

Derek & Hammy (Jon Hamrick) filmed for this video throughout the Spring months to bring you one of the heaviest video parts of the year. 

Derek really showcases how well rounded of a rider he is, hitting technical combos that most people can only dream of, while still sending himself down some of the gnarliest gaps & spots that we’ve ever seen.

Bar spins will never be the same after watching Derek. We may as well change the name to a Marr spin. 




GS2 - San Francisco

GS2 is the second instalment of Jonas Johnson’s “Glorified Sidewalk” series. 

Jonas took a week long trip out to San Francisco to ride and film, meeting up with some of the well known west coast locals to help show him around and film.

Each project that Jonas is involved in really feels unique and sentimental. Everything from the camera’s used, to the song choices and the spots ridden. Jonas really has a special way of viewing the world, and we‘re lucky to get a glimpse of it through this video part. 





This spring we dropped our new 6.2” wide Horizon decks in a range of different colours and lengths. 

The ‘Palette’ video is a display of all the new colours, and how good they look while tearing up the streets.

This project was our first attempt at mixing footage from different riders from across the map, and we think it turned out much better than expected. Featuring our riders Ethan Kirk, Jon deVrind, Cameron McRobbie & Jackson Brower, with a homie clip by Elliot Arnold. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already.




Ryan Ruegg | HCS

Ryan is very well known for his mastery behind the lens and his unique video editing skills, but seeing footage of Ryan himself is always such a treat. He has a nice mix of creative technical tricks, while still hitting rails that most people wouldn’t even look at touching.

Every video he creates makes you feel like you’re there with him. Good music, proper B-roll, featured friend clips, and so much more. He really does a great job making projects that are fun to watch, and this one is no exception. 

Featuring clips from Hugo Svare, Reece Doezema, Ernie Young, & Jon DevRind.




Ethan Kirk in Seattle

Everyone’s favourite Deputy took a trip out to Washington for the annual Seattle Street Jam this year. While he was out West he stayed with Jackson Burklund and filmed for this video. 

Kirk put our new Willow deck to the test, and as you can see he looks very comfortable on it. I’d love to say that if you bought a willow deck that you could ride like Kirk, but unfortunately, no one can replicate Ethan's unique wizardry on a scooter. Go and give this a watch if you haven’t seen it already, and if you have, run it back. 




 Dylan Ditchfield

Dylan is one of the newest additions to our EU team. Throughout the year Dyl and his friends set out to film their first crew video for blank in the north west (UK) and London. 

Come October when the video was released, Dylan still had a fair amount of footage leftover. Considering that he’d just been added to the North lineup, he decided to make a short video for us with some of those clips. Definitely check this out if you haven’t already.




Sean Macfoy

Sean has pretty much been riding for us since the beginning of it all, and it was only fitting that we finally rewarded him with a well deserved Signature Deck. 

We flew Badger (Ryan Ruegg) out to Washington to film with skippy (Sean) for a week, and as you can see, they got busy. Skippy’s Purple horizon deck dropped this winter, and is still available for purchase on our website and in stores worldwide. If you didn’t catch this video, you’re really missing out.





 Just like skippy, Jordan Tutt has been riding for us since the beginning of it all, and it was only fitting that we finally rewarded him with a well deserved Signature deck.

Tutty filmed all summer with Justin Phillips to create a video to promote his signature deck. Unfortunately Tutty was injured at the New York City Street Jam this fall and was unable to continue filming. 

He doesn’t have any clips on his Signature deck in the video, but the footage that he already acquired throughout the year was more than enough to give the world one hell of a dope video part.

Tutt’s Blue Horizon deck dropped this winter, and is still available for purchase on our website and in stores worldwide. Tutty quotes “ I’m gunna spin the block and be back soon”.





Hey, just breathe.

Bror filmed for three months in and around Stockholm/Norrköping for this video part.

He has a style like no other, and this video is a perfect display of that. 

From the colours, to the soundtracks, to the elegant trick selection, Bror really never disappoints.

It was his birthday when this video dropped, but instead of taking the day off to celebrate, he decided to give everyone else an amazing gift. If you haven’t seen it yet, what’re you waiting for?



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